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Essential Oils are AMAZING but they can be quite overwhelming. I know when I first got my kit 8 years ago, it was like Christmas but at the same time I was like “What do I do now!!??” Excitement and trepidation all at the same time. So, here are some tips. Below is my typical daily routine too so you can see how easy it is to insert them into your life. OK, so there are generally three ways to use essential oils for Therapeutic Purposes: you smell them, rub them on, or swallow them. Here is some information on each application.

Smelling EOs is the basis for the word aromatherapy. It is probably the most common use and most widely understood. We smell the oils directly from the bottle, rub them in your hands and cup over our nose to take a large breath or use them in a diffuser to envelope a larger area with the scent and disinfecting effects. The oils then enter our nasal cavity to disinfect and effect certain areas of mental and physical health based on the oil you use.

You can use oils topically directly on your body. The most common areas are on the vita-flex points or reflexology points on your feet as well as. Other areas are where your veins are closest to the surface such as your wrists and neck. You can rub oils pretty much anywhere you are in pain or need help, like your chest for a cough or your joins for joint pain. You can apply them “neat” which means at full strength or diluted by using what is called a carrier oil. Click HERE to find out more about Carrier Oils. Dilute your EOs in your carrier when you want to use them. Don’t create a bottle of carrier oil with a bunch of EO unless it is a small batch. Some carriers go bad while EOs never go bad. WARNING: Some oils tend to be “hot.” They don’t actually burn you but can feel like they are. Especially on young kids always use a carrier oil. The only place you do not need a carrier oil is on their feet unless they are a newborn.

Never ever swallow an EO that you bought over the counter. Only ingest EOs that you know are pure and are OK to ingest. Some oils you are not supposed to ingest so please refer to the Oils Guide that comes with your kit. Once you know which ones you need and what to ingest you can add 1-2 drops to water, hot tea, any drink really, plus you can add 1-2 drops with 1-2 drops of carrier oil into a glycerin pill and swallow them that way. I tend to go for the easy way and just drink them in my water or tea. If you can’t stand the smell of one you need to ingest then by all means get some pills to put your oil in.