2016 Young Living Premium Starter KitWelcome! I’m so glad you stopped by to check out these little gems! The Premium Starter Kit is the best decision you will make this year. I cannot express how pleased I am to have found Young Living! They are some of the most authentic oils in the world and I highly encourage you to take a look at their Seed to Seal guarantee that no other company can offer. It is a fun site to share with your littles too! So, back to the kit… it has a retail value is over $325 and as a brand new member you get it for only $160! That is 11 of the most loved essential oils plus a diffuser. It is super simple: just click the “BUY MY STARTER KIT” below with all the cute little rainbow oils!buy my starter kit

OK, but what is the catch? Honestly I wish I could order this kit over and over again it is THAT great of a deal. Here is the down-low: I know, I know it is an investment. Plus, what about minimum orders? Do I have to sell this stuff? No and no. By signing up with a starter kit you are considered a “distributor” but that is only because Young Living wanted to make the process as easy as possible with just sign ups as wholesale or retail. You do not have to sell a thing! Ever! The good news though, is if you become a complete oil addict, like we Peppermint Droppers are, and you can’t keep your mouth shut about these little gems, there will be no additional paperwork to do if you end up sharing with a friend or two. OK, so let’s talk about the minimum order. By signing up and paying for the starter kit you are in essence paying for a lifetime wholesale membership to Young Living. They ask that you keep your membership active by placing a minimum order of only $50 a year in products. However, technically you don’t even need to do that because they always offer a “come back on us free” option. They love their customers so much that they want you to never feel like you are in something you don’t want to be. They even have this rad, and I mean RAD Essential Rewards program that if you do love them and use them you get free oils plus up to 20% back to buy more oils. Really? Who doesn’t want FREE oils! And the ER program is something you can decide to do or not. No biggie. (I just love me some free oils!!) So really there are no strings attached. You will NEVER EVER regret buying this kit and I promise you will wish you could get two! When this bad boy comes to you in the mail it will be like Christmas day just for you! By the way, if you are wanting the DELUXE Premium Starter Kit that is customizable, ask me how so I can help set you up!

386183_2834388293011_1147351590_nABOUT CENTIA

Hello, I’m Centia. I am a wife, mother and a wedding florist. I am a Buddhist and I love helping others and my hope is for the world to live in peace. I have been married for 15 years to my husband and we have two precious kids.  My little tribe is the center of my life.  We reside in Claremont, California, a little town and lst city in Los Angeles County. Its known for being “The City of Trees and PhD’s”. I have also been a wedding florist for over 10 years.  I was only trained when I worked in high school and college at flower shops.  I love the beauty of flowers and designing, it has allowed me to work from home with my priority being raising two considerate confident well balanced, happy children. (You can check out my website http://petalfloral.com/
After having my aforementioned children, I became concerned with what I was putting in their bodies or on their bodies. As a family we try and eat whole foods and look for alternative ways to heal. That is not to say that we don’t see doctors or have the occasional Big Mac, its just not what we do on a daily basis. So I have gradually sought out natural paths which lead me to essential oils. Since using these amazing essential oils by Young Living, it’s become a new passion and obsession of mine that I love to share because I feel that I have found this amazing wellness secret and I want all my friends and family to benefit from what I am learning.
I look forward to embarking on your oil journey with you! I wish you peace, health, happiness and prosperity.